Bhangra Dance

Bhangra dance is a famous folk dance which is originated from Punjab. This dance leaves one with the utmost zest and enthusiasm. It is one of those lustrous dance


Bhangra dance is a famous folk dance which is originated from Punjab. This dance leaves one with the utmost zest and enthusiasm. It is one of those lustrous dance forms which take one’s creativity to the highest level. Its fan base is growing all over the world as its popularity is gaining heights. From ancient times, Bhangra dancing is a major attraction for males while Giddha is a foremost choice for females in the Punjab, Himachal Pardesh and adjoining areas.


It has a strong presence in various parts of Punjab, where it is performed as a ritual on various auspicious occasions such as Baisakhi. There is a huge craze to learn from Bhangra classes in the youths of the state. Moreover, with the addition of rap songs and the rise of Punjabi singers, Bhangra Bollywood has been brought to perform in the leading Bollywood movies. This has lead to a serious craze in people who just want to express their feelings on various occasions. Let’s explore this mesmerising activity in detail which has touched the lives of many people regardless of borders.Learn Punjabi Dance.


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The history of Bhangra takes us back to 500 years ago. Interestingly, its basic movements have been picked out from the general farming activities. In other words, the body gestures during the ploughing, sowing and harvesting activities have been used in this dancing activity. So more or less, it gives the message of a happy farmer who couldn’t resist dancing after seeing the crops. This is the reason, it has become a ritual to perform Bhangra dance on the Baisakhi event. In the late 1960s and 70s, it has been performed on various international stages, especially in the UK.


The music of Bhangra dance workout tends to bring out the uninhibited flow of emotions. It has a vibrant and an intoxicating effect on the audiences. At times, the magic of music becomes so high that it makes people dance freely and shake their bodies on the tunes of Bhangra. With the Dhol beats, you will feel the inner joy as you release all the tension in your muscles. The dance is also performed on the Bolis which are written in small phrases in Punjabi. The Bhangra costume is its major attraction and consists of chaadra, turban, kurta, and rumal, etc. All these wears are elegant and vibrant which makes it different from the other dance styles. 


Bhangra is slowly attracting people from all over the world. Even the universities and educational institutes have included Bhangra dance classes in their curriculum which is widening its reach globally. So, next time don’t get stunned after seeing Bhangra Bollywood performance in the annual function of the universities. Bhangra is just like other dance styles which spread the message of love and peace. Learn it, excel it and enjoy it!


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